Eating the Entire Ocean at The Boiling Crab

Aug 19th 2016 | Eater LA

Eater LA Senior Editor Farley Elliott is back with another episode of Eat the Menu, where he lives every indecisive diner’s dream by ordering everything of interest on a restaurant's menu — no difficult decision-making required.Today Elliott visits The Boiling Crab, where the seafood, albeit delicious and fresh, is just the beginning.

​The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Messy

Mar 2nd 2015 | ​The Best Thing I Ever Ate

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Episode 603 "Messy" Simon's segment on the shrimp at the Boiling Crab

The Perfect Los Angeles Restaurants for Your Engagement Party

Sep 9th 2016 |

This casual crawfish boil is definitely an L.A. staple and for good reason. Diners can buy succulent crawfish, crab, oysters, lobster and crab legs by the pound then eat crawfish boil-style on paper covered tables, bib-clad, with your hands. Just the thing for couples who just want to celebrate low-key while keeping it fun and delicious.